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Ask Andie - Demandez à Andie

Q : What should we expect during a photoshoot with you?

A : Fun! A relaxed photographer who sometimes is pretty goofy! I leave a lot of room for people to be themselves. My goal is to make everyone comfortable in order to get the best portrait possible, and to have an awesome experience.

Q : How long does a session last?

A : Usually, a session will last at least 2 hours. But I admit, sometimes, we get carried away, things are going well and until we realize it, it's 3.5 hours later.Remember, everyone needs to warm up a bit when we first meet and develop a rapport, then it's smooth sailing!

Q : Is there anything we can do to make the photography session run more smoothly?

A : Yes!!! A good night sleep the night before. For the kids, a nap before the shoot, snacks and favorite treats that will help us get this amazing portrait of your child! Don't forget the favorite stuffed animal or blankie for comfort. A change of clothes for everyone, is always nice.

Q : When can I expect to receive my DVD of photos?

A : Usually the turn around is 3 to 5 weeks. I do photography part-time, because I have a regular shift work job.

Q : Can I do whatever I want with the photos I receive on the DVD, ie : enter contests?

A : Andreane Fraser Photography owns all the copyright, but you are given a print authorization to reproduce as many copies of the images you have on the DVD in 8” x 10”. For any kind of contests, you will need my permission.

Q : Do you really need to edit the photos?

A : Yes. Custom photographers present images that are carefully selected and edited to give you a beautiful final product. No one needs the photos of their child in mid blink!

Q : Do you own a studio?

A : No I don’t. I am an on location photographer, I go to your house, to your favourite park, to the beach, etc. Doing it this way, I work with you in a comfortable location you are familiar with, which in return, will give you more comfortable portraits.

I do have some backdrops I can bring, that I call my “mobile studio” in different colors which I can bring to your home, and work with, if you would like a more “studio” feel to the photos.

In addition, I have some props (baskets, little chairs, little stools, some headbands, some jewellery, blankets, Mongolian shag furs, etc) that I can bring with me.

Q : Can I bring someone else to the shoot, as they would like have to have portraits done as well?

Every additional person is an extra $35 on the sitting fee. The more people, the more chaotic it gets, and the less productive the shoot gets. Sticking to single families, couples will create much better results. Keep in mind as well, that the more people around, the more distracted your kids will be and will most likely pay less attention to the camera.

Q : Why can’t I just get my big prints from the company I want?

A : Andreane Fraser Photography cannot guarantee the quality of the product certain suppliers offer. I work with a supplier in Toronto that produces images that are true to the edits I have made. I just want to make sure, you receive a product of the best quality.